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Interview: Christophe Robin, L’Oreal Expert – Catwalk of Words
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Interview: Christophe Robin, L’Oreal Expert

April 27, 2014



Last week, L’Oreal Paris hosted an intimate evening at Dunbar House in Sydney for the launch of major 2014 product innovations in the areas of hair colour, hair care and style. Bringing international presence to the evening was Leading Hair Colour Expert, and colourist to the stars, Christophe Robin. One of the leading men in the world of beauty, Christophe began his career in hair dressing at 16 years of age. At 24, he opened the first salon on France dedicated exclusively to hair colouration. Stars from all over the world rushed there, lured by the idea of their own unique and personalised colour. Currently, Christophe’s celebrity clientele includes some of the world’s most beautiful women including the likes of Blake Lively, Gwen Sterfani, Linda Evengelista, Claudia Schiffer, Doutzen Kroes, Uma Thurman and many more. Alongside his illustrious client list, Christophe also works hand-in-hand with the global L’Oreal Paris Laboratories to consult on product formulations, hair colour trends, shade spectrums and professional advice.

I was honored to sit down with Christophe Robin last week at the L’Oreal Paris product launch in Sydney. From expert advice, to hero trends, colours and clients I’ve covered all you need to know directly from the pioneer of colour himself.

How do you choose the right colourant for your hair?
If you are a beginner or just want to cover a few grey hairs opt for L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss. For a more radical change go for Préférence. Legendary for its high-resistance colour it will allow you to go light, ombre or dark without fading or drying out your hair.

What are the common mistakes people make when colouring their hair?
People always believe their hair is darker than it is. That’s why you should always choose a colour that is two shades lighter than what you think you are. People also don’t read the instructions on the box properly, or they get distracted watching TV when they are meant to be washing the colour off!

Do you think there is a universal colour that suits all complexions?
Gold always works. Whether you’re young or ageing, gold tones will bring warmth to your skin.

Recommended products for maintaining coloured hair?
It’s the same as makeup. You can have the best foundation, but if your skin is dry the makeup won’t last all day. The same thing applies to hair. You should use a conditioning hair mask once a week to reduce split ends and nourish your locks.

Predicted hair colour trends for 2014
I believe there are no trends anymore. Through social media and YouTube it’s evident that people want to embrace their own personality- from ombre to red or platinum blonde there’s a shade for everyone. That’s why it’s a big challenge for us at L’Oreal and why we have created the Préférence range. People are after comfort and long lasting results, they also don’t want to be trapped into the routine of dyeing their hair every two weeks.

Your favourite celebrity client to work with?
Catherine Deneuve- it’s so incredible to see she was a star at 17 and still at 70 years of age. She really built up a mystery about her and that was what made her famous.

I also adore Kylie Minogue, we are close friends and I have a lot of respect for her.

What do you love most about your job?
To make people happy and to make women beautiful. It’s a great magic wand we have, but it’s also a dangerous tool. Bad colour can’t be fixed with a ponytail so as hair colourists we have to use our power in the right way.

For those interested in pursuing a career in hair colour…

You have to love what you’re doing and love the medium you’re working with.


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