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A Response to Gary Turk’s ‘Look Up’ – Catwalk of Words
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A Response to Gary Turk’s ‘Look Up’

September 8, 2014










Look Up, a short film by London writer Gary Turk, explores the real silence involved in the use of social media using a series of poetic versus. The brilliant clip went viral with nearly 20 million views in just over a week. Turk says that social media is actually making us less sociable and more isolated from the outside world. “I took a step back and opened my eyes that this media we call social, is anything but, when we open our computers it’s our doors we shut,” said Turk. 

I completely agree with Gary’s observations. Each morning I’m going to predict your routine goes a little like this: snooze alarm, scroll through Instagram, check Facebook, refresh email, open Instagram again. We’re all guilty of this. As a blogger, I do understand the power of social media. The platforms that we frequent daily hourly have catapulted everyday people into the spotlight. Furthermore, bloggers are now fronting campaigns and reportedly earning up to 100k a year (no kid!).  However, the poignant short film makes us think about the many occasions in our life where human interactions are lost due to looking down at our mobile phone. 

Last weekend, I ventured to the Dandenong mountains with Charmaine, the creator of Bias Supply and Jessie Brinkman, an exceptionally talented photographer who splits her time between Melbourne and exploring the rest of the world- @jebrinks if you’re looking for a dose of travel envy/ inspiration. We braved the sub zero temperatures (okay, maybe it wasn’t that cold) to stand amidst the magical fog while the rest of Sunday were trying to shake their seedy hangover. Hopefully these images inspire you to switch off the TV, put down your phone and discover someplace new; a cafe, a park or maybe just the book that’s been sitting on your bedside table for six months. 

And remember, don’t forget to look up… 

Photographer: Jessie Brinkman 
All clothes by: Bias Supply 
Jewellery: Sucre Noir

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